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The Vienna Calligraphy Center was founded by Abd A. Masoud in 2018 as a private, non-profit cultural initiative. Its aim was to make the general public aware of the importance of written texts and that of calligraphy; to showcase various written styles in differing languages and in this way to teach multiple languages as well as to encourage inter-cultural understanding.

Following the establishment of the one and only Calligraphy Association in Austria, the “Global Calligraphy Vienna”, it was necessary to create a space in Vienna where the history of calligraphy in Austria in detail could be archived and displayed to interested visitors.

In addition, the objective of the Centre and its activities is to foster interest in the written word and thereby also in the diverse cultures and languages in the Austrian calligraphy community as well as to report on it and to promote and diffuse knowledge of artistic calligraphy.

Many calligraphy artists from various countries and continents have settled down in Vienna, respectively Austria. It is now up to us to concentrate these valuable resources in one location so as to be able to be inspired by the variety of styles; to stimulate appreciation of calligraphy and to make use of it and nurture it.

In our digital times a centre for the preservation of the valuable art of handwriting for the generations to come is necessary, just as it is essential to disseminate the skills and knowledge associated with it.

Apart from that, the centre is designed to be a place for culture and education, an open creative space where there can be a sharing of knowledge and skills between artist and visitor, master craftsman and student. A place where they can exchange roles and allow guests deep insights into the background of this art. Making the general public aware of the importance of calligraphy, awakening their interest for learning various styles of writing and thereby fostering multi-lingualism and inter-cultural understanding is a defined objective of the Vienna Calligraphy Center.

In cooperation with other Calligraphy Centres the Vienna Calligraphy Center will organise and curate administration for national and international exhibitions.

The Vienna Calligraphy Center aspires to establish its place among the international calligraphy institutes.

The Vienna Calligraphy Center was officially inaugurated by the District Councillor Mrs Gabriele Votava on 7 September 2018 with a group exhibition from members of the Global Calligraphy Vienna.