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History of Austrian Calligraphy


History of Austrian calligraphy

A further goal of the Vienna Calligraphy Center is to bring the history of Austrian calligraphy, and the persons who have been involved in it in the last two centuries, to the attention of a wider public.

How this should be achieved, by what ways and means the history of Austrian calligraphy should be made more public, was a controversial issue among the members of the Global Calligraphy Vienna. Two possibilities were open to discussion.

Firstly, to tell the history of Austrian calligraphy running backwards from 2018 or secondly in chronological order from its emergence to the present day. However, it was and is not known from which point in time one should start.

Most people were in favour of the first recommendation.

It is easier to begin with the contemporary part and then to work backwards in time from epoch to epoch in cooperation with the Austrian Historical Archives and other relevant institutions.

Additionally, we would like to begin with the here and now to demonstrate in this way our appreciation of contemporary calligraphers.

Historical researchers, palaeographers and other interested parties are welcome to be of assistance to us with this task.

Please contact us if we have aroused your interest