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Laura Dimitrova
Laura Dimitrova Vienna calligraphy center collection
Laura Dimitrova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria.
She graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria.
She is a member of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists,  is a professor of decorative arts and art theory at “St. Kliment Ohridski” University, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Since 2013 she is PhD.
Laura Dimitrova has taken part in more than 200 group exhibitions, plein-air sessions and art projects in Bulgaria and abroad.
Up until now she has had 26 individual exhibitions – 17 in Bulgaria; 2 in Paris, France; 2 in Germany – Munich and Schwandorf; 1 in Kavadarci, Macedonia; 2 in Serbia – Nish and Novi Sad; 1 in Budapest, Hungary, 1 in Warsaw, Poland.
She has received many awards for her art in Bulgaria and abroad.


I associate paper with beauty of writing, drawing, planning, I associate it with the greetings that I send to my friends, with the letters I receive...with the expectation...

I associate paper with wisdom, knowledge, memories and at the same time I associate it with ephemerality, perishability, variability...
And more prosaic – with documents, bureaucracy, recycling...

Any piece of paper could fly with the wings of a dream...

Perhaps under the texts of the most prosaic documents are hidden
unachieved or impossible dreams...

Maybe every artwork presented here is a dream, a semi-realized dream, because it might have been done in another way, mightn't it…
Laura Dimitrova
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